5 useful tools for everyday freelancing UX designers

5 useful tools for an everyday freelancing UX designer

Today, I'd like to share some old and new tools that I use in my everyday freelancer's life.


Productive mobile app

If you have troubles getting into your zone because you are continually getting distracted b your phone or browsing the internet. This app - Forest may be for you. It is an interactive mobile app and Google Chrome extension where users plant a virtual tree when they want to focus on a task for a given period. The tree continues to grow as the timer winds down unless you leave the app - in which case your tree to die.


Visual collaboration web app

I've been using Whimsical to communicate and collaborate with my clients for creating sitemaps, flowcharts, wireframes and sharing ideas.


Beautiful screen capture app

Kap is a lightweight Mac app to record your screen. I love that it exports files to GIF and MP4 format. It also allows you to edit out the beginning and end of the video. And you can capture clicks too.


Tracking tool

Have you heard about Hotjar? Fullstory is a similar tool to Hotjar but on steroid. A comprehensive user tracking tool that saved me hours in "user testing" and "bug tracking". I could watch the entire user session live!


Invoicing, expenses, time Tracking, contracts & payments tool

AND.CO saved me hours while working with international and local clients. It comes with project proposals, contracts, time tracking, invoicing - all in one single app.

Hope you find them useful 🙏