My Foodie Box

Designing a better online meal kit subscription experience

My Foodie Box


My Foodie Box is a Perth, Western Australian-owned and operated meal kit service. Their weekly eco-friendly boxes contain locally sourced ingredients with recipes that the customer must cook by hand using the pre-ordered menus included in the box.

My Foodie Box has identified some pain points that cause poor user experience. Hence, the owners would like to take this opportunity to review the website and application to enhance the potential and improve existing customers' experience with "My Foodie Box".


  • It takes new customers to the log-in page straight away after selecting a meal box rather than the sign-up page. The sign-up link on the log-in page is small and hard to find.
  • After creating an account, it requires users to choose the meal box again, regardless if it has been selected in the previous step or not.
  • The users won't know if My Foodie Box delivers the meal boxes to their address until the last step of sign-up (payment), which causes many checkout abandonments.
  • It needs to provide a clear way to tell the users that the delivery will cost extra.
  • It forces users to subscribe to a meal box before selecting the meals (without knowing if there is any menu they like).


  • Plan information architecture. Define the navigation as the set of activities and techniques guiding users throughout the website, enabling them to fulfil their goals and successfully interact with My Foodie Box.
  • Set up a design style guide that promotes consistency throughout the entire application. It reduces the number of ways actions and operations are represented, ensuring that users do not have to learn new representations for each task.
  • Simplify the sign-up form process. Use the multi-step form to split the whole process into small steps and identify where the user lives in the early stage as much as possible.
  • Communicate the consequences and provide clear cancellation or pause path. Listen to why the user is leaving, and then present him or her with meaningful offers/help to address the reason stated.
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